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Home-sweet-home-office: Office Plants

Home-sweet-home-office: Office Plants

Whether you’re at the office or the kitchen table, having plants in your space has many benefits. While you might be keen to have improved air quality, choosing the right plant may seem overwhelming. Tolerant and adaptable plants can make your space less stressful and adds some life to your space.

Here’s three no-stress, easy-to-care-for plants to have your space feeling green and lush!

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plants aren’t as dramatic and slimy as their reptilian counterpart. Highly adaptable, Snake Plants do well in almost any warm environment and enjoy indirect sunlight. Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering your plant, over-watering can lead to rot. On average, Snake Plants only need to be watered every 7-10 days, which means less work for you!


2. ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plants are more than just a plant with a hip-hop rapper name. To some, ZZ Plants represent luck, wealth, and abundance! Their dramatic, thick green leaves grow upwards and can improve air quality. These plants fit well on desks but can grow large enough to become floor plants. Again, the key to these plants is to place in bright indirect sunlight and to water about every 10 days.


3. Aloe Plant

Aloe Plant

If you’re looking for a decent sized plant for your desk, an Aloe could be the perfect fit. Aloe is a succulent plant, meaning they retain most of their water in their leaves. You can tell if your Aloe needs water by how thick the leaves are but be sure the soil is dry before giving it a drink.


Short story: love them, but don’t over-water them. Place any of these plants in your office for an instant green boost. They are all great air purifiers, productivity boosters, and they generally help your space feel great!