Earthy Turns: Terracotta Pottery

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Earthy Turns: Terracotta Pottery

Terracotta pots are a staple in any plant lover's homes. Makers offer various options for sizing, colours, and designs. The name originates from the Italian translation for ‘terra’ (earth) and ‘cotta’ (baked). Centuries ago, the porous nature of the material was discovered, and terracotta pots were first used in cooking and planting. The old-world craft of making terracotta pots—passed on through the centuries—includes a history of creating and perfecting intricate designs and shapes.

Terracotta MakerTerracotta Pots

Creators dedicate hours polishing intricate designs and shapes that last through generations. First, the maker collects clay and water, mixing the two ingredients to create a moldable substance. Then, the maker creates simple or intricate designs by hand. They smooth the clay and create a bowl-like shape, elongating the sides as they move their hands upwards. Slowly adding water to make the clay, the artist shines the pot, sometimes adding intricate lines. Once satisfied with the shape and look, the maker moves the dried pot to an oven to bake, earning its earthy tones. The long-lasting nature and simple designs allow terracotta pots to continue as iconic pieces of practical innovation. Authentic and handcrafted by devoted makers in Portugal and Italy, terracotta pots add a special earthy turn of history and design to any home or garden.         


Terracotta Pots

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