Six ways to Love and Care for your Succulents

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Six ways to Love and Care for your Succulents

Succulents are all the rage. They look awesome, and you want to grow some in your home. But how do you love and care for them? Here’s a few hints to get you started:

1 - Give them as much sun as you can. Succulents are hardy, but they love natural light. If you don’t have a greenhouse, place as near to the sunniest window you can. Ideally not with lots of draught.

Hanging Succulents Edmonton2 - Take your succulents on a field trip outside. Lack of sunlight, especially in our dark winters, is the hardest thing for succulents. When it is warm (above 10 degrees), let your succulents be outside to soak up the natural sunlight.

3 - Stop watering them. The biggest threat to succulents is over-watering. While their thick leaves and stems do store a great deal of water, they do not require very much watering. Only water succulents when their soil has dried. Then a nice water, into well-drained soil. Do not water again until the soil is dry.

4 - Well-drained soil is a must for succulents. A ratio of 30% sand or perilite along with your regular soil will allow for good drainage. Or, use a specific cactus/succulent potting mix.

5 - Succulents do not require much fertilizer. One-quarter strength of your regular plant fertilizer (20-20-20) will be more than adequate every 8 weeks.

6 - Pots with drainage are the best. If you really want to pot those succulents in a container without holes, be sure to put a good amount of gravel at the bottom to ensure those succulent roots do not sit in water.

Love. Enjoy. Keep them beautiful for a long time.

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